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Brazilian Singer (Bossa Nova, Samba, MPB)

宮崎Mayra友紀子​​ (ミヤザキマイーラユキコ)




2009年 米・バークリー音楽大学プロフェッショナルミュージックメジャーを卒業。さいたま新都心ジャズボーカルコンテスト(2009)、岡崎ジャズボーカルコンテスト(2010)共にグランプリを受賞する。

2011年日本のブラジル音楽界を支えるRobson Amaral氏との出会いをきっかけに本格的にボサノバを歌い始める。2016年に発売されたRobson氏とのDuo Album「CRYSTAL BOSSA TOKYO」はAmazonボサノバ売れ筋ランキング1位となる。 

2021年6月にニューアルバム【MAYRA】をリリース。サウンドプロデューサーには日本のトップギタリストでもある平岡遊一郎氏、ミュージシャンは平岡氏に加えトップミュージシャンの原田芳宏(Steelpan), Matsumonica(Harmonica), Francis Silva(Per)氏らを迎える。海をテーマに、ブラジル音楽とオリジナル曲の全6曲を収録。



Yukiko Mayra Miyazaki


Mayra was introduced to music through classical piano when she was eight years old. Her first visit to a live jazz club at age 20 sealed her fate, because it was then and there that she decided to become a jazz singer. She studied at the reputable Berklee College of Music (Professional Music major), and after graduating in 2009, her music career blossomed as she went on to win numerous awards including the grand prize at the Saitama Shintoshin Jazz Vocal Contest (2009) and the grand prize at the Okazaki Jazz Vocal Contest (2010).

In 2011 she met Robson Amaral, one of the pillars of the Brazilian music scene in Japan. With him, Mayra began to seriously explore bossa nova, and their duo album CRYSTAL BOSSA TOKYO released in 2016 impressively ranked number one on the bossa nova chart of Amazon Japan.

The name Mayra means “star of the sea.” She is well known for her sweet voice and great musicianship, with a wide-ranging repertoire and heartfelt interpretations. Her concerts are packed with fans that love her music as well as her charming personality that comes alive on stage, putting a smile on everyone’s face. She is also among the favorites for recording projects and event performances.

Her latest project is her new album MAYRA. It is a sea-themed collection of six songs, some Brazilian standards and some originals, with Yuichiro Hiraoka at the helm as the sound producer. There is no shortage of talents in the supporting musician lineup; Hiraoka is one of the best guitarists in Japan, and he is joined by Yoshihiro Harada on steel pan, Matsumonica on harmonica, and Francis Silva on percussion. The album will be officially released in June 2021.

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